In the Halo season finale trailer, Master Chief prepares Covenant soup

In the Halo season finale trailer, Master Chief prepares Covenant soup ...

The next season one finale of Halo teases a action-packed episode with butt-kicking from the Master Chief and Silver Team in the trailer.

As you can see above, the trailer starts with Miranda Keyes telling John that Makee has left Reach with the second half of the artifact. After the AI lost Halsey and saved Johns life in allegiance, a wounded Master Chief connects with Cortana.

With the help of Cortana, the UNSC intends to send the marines, but Master Chief convinces her that he and his Silver Team can handle the fight. We then see glimpses of the situation on the Covenant planet, with John and his squad battling various enemy types and even exchanging blows.

In this weeks penultimate outing, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the Covenant does not destroy Reach as far as they did.

After years of waiting, Halo fans are being treated to a live-action adaptation of their favorite sci-fi franchise, even though the reception has been mixed due to all the changes they made to Pablo Schreibers Master Chief. The producers don''t seem to mind the controversy all that much, because if you do decide to watch their take on Halo, John will ultimately be the least of your concerns.

In the midst of ongoing streaming conflicts, Halo appears to have given Paramount Plus a much-needed subscriber boost, so we can safely bet that the next season will not take as long as the first one did.