Season 2 of The Witcher's costume designer explains how she changed Geralts armor

Season 2 of The Witcher's costume designer explains how she changed Geralts armor ...

Henry Cavills Rivia possesses super-human reflexes in The Witcher, but if there is one thing he''s learned from years of collecting monsters across all sizes and sizes, its that wearing a sturdy armor is just as important as downing lethal potions and always keeping your silver sword sharp.

Canonically, thats why Geralt wears a heavily-plated armor in his outings, even if he might take on a dozen fully-armed men twice his height and kill them all in the long run.

In season 2, assembling the armor was a huge work. According to Variety, Cavill was effective in making the final design.

I love working with leather and Henry''s armor, and she said. One of the first things we did was sit down and told him what worked and what didnt. Henry has these incredible shoulders, so it was about adorning him that and continuing his appearance. It was also about adorning him, although he was quite adaptive. I also wanted to keep the silver-studded look from one passing through. It was really rewarding to see him in it and knowing he was happy.

Wright reveals further what makes this armor better than its season one counterpart.

The outfit was very light. Robert Allsopp has worked with me in the costume department. One thing we did was to put the sword on the back because, in season one, it was depressing him. We made the costume simple for him to get out of. There was one buckle on the side, he might be out and gone, and buckles were then introduced.

The Witcher crew is now working on the third season, which is expected to air on Netflix sometime in 2023.