What is TikTok's viral tomato, tomato, and tomato sound?

What is TikTok's viral tomato, tomato, and tomato sound? ...

One of the most fascinating things aboutTikTokis'' sound system is how it can cause certain sounds to flow around the site, losing context as they do. While a sound may be created for one purpose, the meaning and use of the sound will differ at once. In fact, a sound can create several new contexts with different groups using the sound for different purposes.

And nowhere is this phenomenon more visible than with the tomato, tomato, and tomato sound.

The tomato, tomato, and tomato sound refer to a woman''s voice saying: Oh my god, corny, lame boooo. Tomato, tomato, tomato, and tomatoes are all sorts of different forms of throwing tomatoes.

The sound is often used in videos where people talk about something they dislike, but it has also been used in other types of videos.

A video by Niqqitee reveals the tomato, tomato, and tomato feel. However, she ends the rant with the now-infamous sound, miming the tomato throws as she does.

The video quickly went viral, and people demanded that Niqqitee make the ending a stand-alone experience that others may utilize in their videos. In fact, the video proved so popular that Niqqitee included it on her Instagram.

In this posts caption, Niqqitee discusses the video and its potential use in detail.

Wow!!!! This video I made in my bedroom 6 days ago has received 1 MILLION VIEWS, and the sound has been used by almost 8,000 people for multiple scenarios. I gained over 8,000 followers in less than a week (now at 12k total) from this video and others I have made the same day.

Niqqitee continues to say that she loves the sound of the movie being released, because:

I understood the joke, but to see women in the comments being proud to share the same self love I have to never accept the bare minimum in a society that glorifies toxic substances. Even me snapping on people who aren''t getting it. Omg! I am sorry.

What other ingredients have been used for the tomato, tomato, and tomato sound?

Several other tomato, tomato, and tomato videos have performed well on the platform, with many users finding simple ways to use the sound.

One user, ohemilllly, can document a tomato-themed birthday present her brother requested.

hes 22-year-old #tomato

While milllybandss is able to use it to discuss a well-known relationship irritant.

Is it possible to say goodbye to okaay?

Enfin, barbiebetch0 used the sound to enthuse fashion.

Is it better to fit for the television or save it for the next weeks episode? I had dance today#fyp #euphoria #maddyperez #rue #jules #labrinth

Tom, tomato, and tomato are making waves. We cant wait to see what the catchy sound does.