The Top 10 Horror Puppen Films

The Top 10 Horror Puppen Films ...

The horror genre is a melting pot of traditional tropes that fans are shocked with, and there is no denying that the scary doll trope in films is one of the most popular. From their frightening appearance, plastic expressions, and sinister intentions, it is no wonder that viewers remain terrified of these dolls as the trend of these inanimate objects rises.

This harrowingly-good horror tale has been around for decades, but some scary doll movies aren''t just out-of-touch and laughable, yet others are enough to keep audience members afraid of keeping dolls in their own house. Here is our comprehensive list of the top 10 scary doll movies.

Denise Crosby shines as Marilyn Wade, the mother and wife of a man who has recently purchased a toy doll factory in Mexico. Eventually, Jessica discovers Dolly, a malevolent creature that she uses to maintain it. While inspecting the factory, Crosby''s standout performance and Dolly''s virtuous charm make it worthwhile a watch.

Demonic Toys is a direct-to-video plot about a group of possessed killer dolls launching a vicious rampage. From Baby Oopsy Daisy and Grizzly Teddy to Jack Attack and Mr. Static, the variety of killer dolls is enough to make this campy adventure appear more entertaining than its face value. Demonic Toys is a cult classic that horror enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy.

Puppet Master is similar to Demonic Toys, and the two films even engaged in a fun crossover. The campy franchise is chock-full of less-than-favorable sequels, but the original reveals a shocking tale that follows a slew of live puppets who are released to make room for their malicious puppeteer. However, the character''s tone is certainly not to be missed, and the film series has gained a broad cult following over the years.

William Brent Bells The Boy joins in as one of the finest scary doll films in modern cinematic history. The bone-chilling sequence focuses on Lauren Cohan as Greta Evans, a woman who is hired as a nanny by the Heelshires to take care of their beloved son, Brahms. The film, which has gone viral from beginning to end, is action packed.

Bride of Chucky reintroduced Chucky''s charm to an entirely new audience as part of her franchise veteran Jennifer Tilly''s role as Tiffany Valentine, who ultimately served as Charles Lee Ray''s ex-wife and murder-crazed partner in the crimes. Both films in the franchise stuttered the Andy Barclay narrative of the original Childs Play remake, though Bride of Chucky shines as a really fun adventure in the film.

Dolls, a late 80s cult classic, brought a slew of retro elements into its chilling tone. In the film, a family escapes a storm and discovers that there are odd dolls scattered around the house. During the night, it becomes apparent that the couple is a magician who is more sinister. The film is ridiculously creepy, with a nostalgic nod to the 80s and plenty of fun moments.

The films like The Twilight Zone titled Living Doll were later introduced to the notion of creepy ventriloquist dolls being brought to life. During the night, the guests tell tales about a person who believes his dummy is alive. Hugo is suspected as a kid. Despite his enormous fear factor and motivation for other doll movies, it is a pleasure to watch.

James Wans Dead Silence demonstrates the charm of unusual porcelain dolls, which are adorned with a mind of their own. When Ella appears to be murdered, Jamie takes it upon himself to discover the dolls. Wans creation is hardly the most surprising doll film ever, and Billy is a horrifying villain with dark intentions.

The Conjuring universe is one of the most well-known franchises in horror, and the Annabelle film series spin-off is just as shockingly satisfying. While Annabelle: Creation is a dominant sequel that inflicts much more fear than its predecessor. In the film, a couple host a group of foster children, where one of the girls discovers the Annabelle doll. The film is the strongest entry in the series, with a coherent plot that chills viewers to the bone.

The killer-doll scenario in Childs Play has easily become one of the behind-the-scenes. Instead of dumping possession or supernatural events, the Chucky character is created after serial killer Charles Lee Ray transforms his soul into the body of a Good Guy doll before his death. However, the original film has still become the best scary doll movie in horror.