Fans of MCU are surprised by the Elizabeth Olsens lie detector tests

Fans of MCU are surprised by the Elizabeth Olsens lie detector tests ...

Despite advances in technology and a little movie magic, actors can easily interact with each other easily despite never having been on stage at the same time. In Doctor Strange''s Multiverse of Madness, it turns out that Elizabeth Olsen hasn''t even met some of her co-stars in real life.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actress was hooked up to a lie detector test, where it was revealed that she has yet to cross paths with John Krasinski, despite unraveling him into human spaghetti before punching his head like a champagne cork.

I hate to say it, but I hope I don''t sound ridiculous. I don''t know who this guy is. I mean, he may be walking down the street, and I wouldn''t know something. I''m sorry to this guy. I''ve met his wife, though.

Despite each factoring heavily into the most significant part of fan service, writer Michael Waldron previously confirmed that the five members of the Marvel Cinematic Universes multiversal brain trust were never at the same time.

Some fans couldn''t wrap their heads around the notion of the two being completely strangers to one another, even if Olsen had already admitted she wasn''t around for the extensive reshoots.

When Elizabeth Olsen says she has never met John Krasinski, I can''t believe them, but how may you understand how often these films are shot and BELIEVE WOMEN!! Smh.

elizabeth olsen genuinely isn''t aware of john krasinski, which is the funniest thing ive ever learned today

Elizabeth Olsen telling us she never met John Krasinski is so groovy to

SPOILERS!!!Im obsessed with Elizabeth Olsen saying she hasn''t met John Krasinski, but she turned him into spaghetti in MoM.

elizabeth olsen said she didn''t know john krasinski and never met him, and why am i crying.

When someone mentions john krasinski, elizabeth olsen.

If they end up meeting in a future Marvel Studios project, youd have to imagine it would be a weird experience when they finally make their introductions following what went down onscreen.