After a television reboot gets series order, True Lies aficionados are hugely skeptical

After a television reboot gets series order, True Lies aficionados are hugely skeptical ...

It''s more than a little ironic that CBS authorized the episodic reboot of True Lies to series not long after the original star Arnold Schwarzeneggers in-development Netflix spy show got its main cast, and the early reactions suggest that fans of James Cameron''s 1990s action classic are much more excited for the latter.

The tiny screen version of the massively entertaining blockbuster remake has been in the works for years, and it''s been eight months since Steve Howey and Ginger Gonzaga were cast as Harry and Helen Tasker, so the top brass have been mulling for their decision for a while, even though True Lies V2.0 boasts plenty of name recognition and heavy hitters behind the scenes with Cameron and McG involved as executive producers.

Unlike the high definition definition, everyone is certain that it will not be the same as watching television.

I''m looking forward to seeing what happens with the CBS #TrueLies reboot. Love the movie and heard good things about the pilot. I''m a fan of a good primetime action series.

Does it sound like CBS? True Lies? #SaveMagnumpPI #MagnumPI

Yes, obviously this implies that this season I intend to focus more on than CBS True Lies.

3) CBS has proven me wrong before in recent years when it comes to how good their dramas can be.PERSON OF INTEREST, ELEMENTARY, THE GOOD WIFE, ALL RISE. (I haven''t watched EVIL yet, but I''ve heard great things.)Here''s hoping that I''m wrong about TRUE LIES.

Sure, CBS will transform one of the most famous action films into a bland, offensive white people procedural. I''d prefer to see a 4K Criterion release for True Lies.

The company is currently developing a True Lies TV show, but I''m still waiting for a Blu-ray of the film to be released.

Is True Lies available for 4K?

True Lies was a great film, but they would have done a sequel with the original cast in the late 90''s, just like they had planned.

Cameron was shown at his most playful performances, Schwarzenegger was rewarded with one of his finest performances, and Jamie Lee Curtis was a no-show for a Musical or comedy, thus the expectations are already high.

It might be a while before we see if a fresh coat of televised paint would be sufficient to justify the show''s existence, but there are already a few doubts that must be won over now the green light has been given.