Fans argue that Fantastic Four has the most stunning superhero costumes

Fans argue that Fantastic Four has the most stunning superhero costumes ...

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universes has nothing to do with a major character introduction, action sequence, or storyline development, but with a clear and clear path of dialogue from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

When Anthony Mackies Sam Wilson revealed that the Avengers didn''t earn a wage for saving the universe, Tony Starks generously extended so far so much so they could offer them all with amazing superhero suits, advanced technology, modes of transportation, and a place to live.

A viral tweet claiming that the film focuses on the single most realistic representation of how costumed crimefighters would make their money in the real world, however, it appears.

Fantastic Four is certainly the single most realistic thing to ever happen in a superhero movie. These suits would be packed with sponsors lmao

Given that virtually every major sports team, athlete, and/or celebrity either wears kit and clothing emblazoned with company logos, or lends their services to commercials, endorsements, and advertisements, it''s an incredible point when you dive deep into it.

The candy-colored Fantastic Four duology isn''t exactly held in the highest respect by either critics of Marvel enthusiasts, but it''s funny to think that a burning question from the MCU that caused a weeks-long Twitter debate (that even Mackie himself was going to weigh into) had already been addressed in a roundabout way almost two decades prior, and as part of a one-and-done gag.