Even Stephen King's diehards cant stand up for the Firestarter remake

Even Stephen King's diehards cant stand up for the Firestarter remake ...

The new and fabled adaptation of Firestarter has been released in theaters and on Peacock yesterday, and while author and concept creator Stephen King has offered up his support, diehard fans are certainly discovering flaws in the Zac Efron vehicle. The 1984 remake reveals the story of a father who attempts to protect his daughter who has pyrokinesis from an enigmatic agency seeking to steal her.

Over on Twitter, the entire response to the 2022 adaptation has been nothing short of wreaking. People are taking to the app to express their dissatisfaction with the film based on the Kings 1980 novel. This backlash includes even large web sites, including IGN, confirming that the film failed to begin upon its anticipated release.

Firestarter, which stars Zac Efron and is based on the Stephen King novel, fails to ignite. Our review: https://t.co/3BzzE70wbW pic.twitter.com/JRtNxqhHFO

One user identifies bullet points for the movie, which they say were later identified as bad.

I''m just a little confused, but I''ve discovered that 1) there was a Firestarter reboot this year2) they fucked it up again.

In one word, another user summed up the film.

Pic.twitter.com/90WFMn0FDP from Firestarter (2022)

Another user tried to praise John Carpenter''s excellent score, but then proceeded to slander the films'' script, acting, and direction as a whole.

Outside of John Carpenters'' score (which is really badass), this movie has nothing to do with it. Bad acting, a horrendous script, and it feels like a terrible superhero origin story. I have no clue what they were going for here. pic.twitter.com/ONTKdb2FYk

One user accused Firestarter of lacking in the ability to select a genre, but instead focused on the film''s performance.

While watching FIRESTARTER, I was hoping for someone to come out of my sorrow. It never decides on what genre of film it wants to be. Action? Superhero? Family drama? Doesnt matter when theyre all lifeless. Has a cool retro score but otherwise, just let it burn. pic.twitter.com/yr6PYV7Q2f

One last user was as muffled as one might be.

Before I discovered that I might be doing anything else, got about 45 minutes into FIRESTARTER.

With events like Salems Lot on the horizon, there is still plenty to look forward to for seasoned fans of the famous author. Along with the online outcry, criticisms are even worse, with many claiming it as one of the worst film adaptations of Kings work. Despite that being said, there is still a lot to look forward to.