According to James Gunn, there will never be another Drax in the MCU

According to James Gunn, there will never be another Drax in the MCU ...

As a team, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 promises to be the final outing for cosmic heroes, but was told that there is still the possibility for individual characters to reap in the MCU afterward. However, Dave Bautista has stated that he is doing with the grey body-paint, and is putting the Marvel universe back to work.

It''s possible that the studio might remake the role of the Destroyer with a new actor. Well, with the production on Vol. 3, one ambitious fan has decided to immediately throw their name into the ring to replace Bautista. The fan, @TheBigVause, said she''s ready to sell my house, quit my job, and fly out to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Although you must respect their dedication, it appears the fans'' efforts to get the gig are all for naught, as Guardians director James Gunn stated that he doesn''t expect there to be another Drax. That''s as long as he has something to say.

Like [Dave Bautista] and Gunn''s tweet, there will never be any Drax for me. That''s what fans wanted to hear, as his tweet has received tens of thousands of hits and counting.

Besides @DaveBautista, there will never be any Drax for me.

Bautista and his team took to Instagram to mark the occasion, remarking that he had come to the conclusion of a journey that changed my life, and included the hashtag #GoodbyeDrax. So that doesn''t leave much room for error when it comes to making a statement about his Marvel future. But by the sounds of things, the character of Drax will be rested following the Dune stars'' departure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bautistas Drax will have plenty to offer this June, including the Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and finally, his journey will come to an end with the Guardians 3.