Fans of Marvel can't agree enough to find out Daniel Craig was in Doctor Strange 2

Fans of Marvel can't agree enough to find out Daniel Craig was in Doctor Strange 2 ...

Doctor Strange in Madness is preparing for the second stage.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sat fans to a variety of cameos from familiar faces, but it turns out the latest Marvel film mightve included an appearance from 007 himself. That''s right, recently retired James Bond star Daniel Craig was at one point due to turn up in Doctor Strange 2, but safety concerns were put into play. Despite his fact, he almost played Mr. Fantastic!

Justin Kroll on Twitter revealed this intriguing if? scenario, as well as corroborated by other industry insiders. Craig was due to travel to the films for one day shooting his cameo, but worries about increasing COVID cases at the time forced him to return. Instead, John Krasinski was hired as Reed with Craig out the window.

Although Krasinski was not the first choice, the actor who was originally expected to play the role was all set to shoot, however, when there was an increase in COVID cases, he backed out as he was living in London and didn''t think the quick shoot was worth risk of returning COVID to the fam

While Krasinskis cameo as Mr. Fantastic left supporters agog as it is, now that we know Craig has just reached an agreement, people are debating whether or not he would have been happy.

Couldn''t we have got DANIEL CRAIG as Mr Fantastic? Please send me to the universe in which the event was occurred, please.

Daniel Craig would have never had any thought, but now I''m quite fascinated by how it would have been described.

Wish Craig and director Sam Raimi could collaborate on another project.

Damn I have wanted a Daniel Craig acting/Sam Raimi Directed film right now

How may Craig play the Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot?

Glad it was John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, Daniel Craig is an amazing actor, but I think John fits more in the roleCraig would make a good Thing, but I think there are additional roles available for Daniel Craig in the MCU, so we''ll take care of what we''ve got for the time being.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that other information suggests Craig was actually hired to play Balder the Brave, an Asgardian god, and the brother of Thor. After Craig was withdrawn, Mr. Fantastic reportedly was swapped in for Balder.

Some think he was rather than Reed, or is a conflicting person.

Those ideas are likely to make a little more sense, and the fans are equally concerned.

So Daniel Craig was the Brave of Balder???? It''s kind of fun to think about it.

Yeah, we can kinda see it.

Balder the Brave as Daniel Craig

There''s a better story out there, but there''s still another character out there.

Daniel Craig would be a good player in the MCU, but neither of them is

Any mephisto, anyone?

Mephisto should be played by Daniel Craig.

If Craigs almost-casting in Doctor Strange 2 sounds odd, remember that she just joined the MCU herself in Black Widow. Similar to Thor, he was once offered the role of Thor before Chris Hemsworth was cast, giving the reader more credibility. Though, if Marvel wants to cast him as one of the Fantastic Four, it appears people would be up for it.