The Flash star stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Human Torch

The Flash star stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Human Torch ...

Jordan Fisher from The Flash believes himself as the Human Torch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Bart Allen/Impulse (The Flashs son from the future) looks like he is interested in adding another superhero to his roles.

As he toured the Fantastic Fours, Fisher spotted Johnny Storm and Human Torch. In the photoshopped video, he looks in his outfit with his head aflame and his eyes shining bright as he looks toward the camera. He posted a drooling emoji, as if he wanted it.

Bart Allen took on the stage for Season 7, including Part 1 and Part 2. He won over many hardcore fans who liked the character from the comic book or the animated series Young Justice.

Impulse has great speed as his father, but he tends to act before he thinks, which often puts him in trouble. He is lighthearted and makes a lot of jokes, but in his recurring appearances, he has been attempting to take things more seriously to become the hero the city needs.

In the comics, Johnny Storm, his sister Sue Storm, Dr. Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm travel through space when they encounter high levels of cosmic energy. Each of them develops superpowers as a result, and in Johnnys case, he gains the ability to transform his body into flames and to control fire itself. Although Johnny has yet to appear in the MCU, fans will be interested in the character in the future.

The Fantastic Four team hasn''t had a formal cast yet, but after Doctor Strange''s multiverse of Madness, fans have a lot of concerns. Moon Knight will be producing it for the MCU, with Fishers'' interest in the role, and he could be in the running for the enviable role.