Fans of Marvel are assuming Kang will not replace an iconic villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fans of Marvel are assuming Kang will not replace an iconic villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ...

Fans sucked away when Jonathan Majors appeared as Kang the Conqueror in the Loki finale, with his appearance instantly sparked speculations that the time-traveling tyrant would be the next big bad of the MCU. Whats more, considering that the next big Avengers-level event movie might be a Secret Wars adaptation.

Kang would be the main villain in an MCU version of Secret Wars. Even so, it appears to be making a lot of comic book enthusiasts angrier than the Hulk. Today, Kang has been trending on Twitter as Marvelites declare that they would riot if Marvel ever removed Doctor Doom from the equation in a Secret Wars film.

All of this started with a viral tweet from @hradesi14, which narrated Kang as the new Thanos. Yet many believe Victor Von Doom deserves this honor.

Doom is the one who started both secret wars, but why would Kang be your next Thanos?

If they go by the comics Doom rebuilds Ultron and he kills Kang Kang is not the new Thanos. Not even close in this story.

i hope that they will not replace the curse with kang in secret wars.

It''s what the people desire.

In 2025, give me Secret Wars, but give me Doom as the bad, not Kang.

Don''t try to replace him, Marvel.

If you''re making Secret Wars the next Endgame, Doctor Doom must be the next Thanos. Not Kang. Don''t even try to replace him.

Thanos is the real new name for Doom.

If MCU supporters want Kang to be put on MCU terms, he is your new Loki, not the new Thanos. He is a villain who is fantastic, and will be appearing a lot, but he is not the final boss of this genre. Doctor Doom is your new Thanos.

Without Victor, there aint no Secret Wars.

kang wasn''t even the villain during the 80s secret wars.that was still doom. Doctor doom was the villain of both secret wars. it''s impossible to do any secret wars without a well-developed doctor doom.

It''s not the same thing as lightly.

I suspect that some people are concerned about Kang the Conqueror being particularly sad of SECRET WARS

There has been a lot of Secret Wars controversy online of late, as comics readers previously dismissed those who believed a film of the 2015 event would result in lots of surprises, while a remake of the original 80s Secret Wars might be aimed at Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom. So it remains to be seen what Kang''s ultimate battle will be, and when and where Doom will make his MCU debut.

Majors will go back in next February''s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, with a Fantastic Four reboot scheduled for later on in 2023.