How to resurrect teammates in Evil Dead The Game

How to resurrect teammates in Evil Dead The Game ...

Teams must work as a unit to win. If your teammates are not careful, they may be knocked down and bleeding out. When this happens, they can only rely on you to assist them.

To revive a teammate, go up to them and press and hold theInteractbutton (Yon Xbox,Triangleon PlayStation, andEon PC) until they''ve been fully revived, or you''ll have to start all over. Although they won''t have much health, you may continue resurrecting your teammates as many times as you want.

In Evil Dead The Game, how to save possessed teammates

Your only choice is to knock some sense into your teammate. They should not be wary of firearms, since they do a lot of damage and waste ammo. Hitting your teammate several times will make their possession worse.

Over time, the possession will close naturally, but you don''t want the Demon player to stay away from a Survivor player for too long. During that time, Demon players will be able to distinguish the possessed Survivors from the rest of the group and serve them as an easy target.