How to win as a Demon in Evil Dead The Game

How to win as a Demon in Evil Dead The Game ...

Demon players in Evil Dead The Game have two ways of winning. This makes it easier than a Survivor, who has to move all over the map to win. As the Demon, your goal is to prepare the Survivors for success by summoning deadites, using traps, and possessing deadites, trees, objects, and cars.

What do Demons have to do in Evil Dead The Game?

To win, Demons must kill all Survivors or destroy the Necronomicon at the end of the match. If you continue to collect Infernal Energy Orbs, you may level up or utilize your powers more often. Unlike Survivors who have a good chance regardless, the Demon must level up to win, otherwise they will have no chance.

The best time to get the Kandarian Dagger and the Necronomicon pages is when the Survivors get them. Your energy will be charged faster at that point, making it easier to accomplish tasks. By then, the Survivors will be too strong, and the Necronomicon will be an easy target.