The Six Most Powerful Batman Games

The Six Most Powerful Batman Games ...

Batman has had a triad of fantastic games dedicated to him, and with so many out now, it''s difficult to choose just one. Below are some of the best Batman games to date.

The best Batman games so far

The Telltale Series has had the difficult task of crafting a fun Batman game without combat. Batman took place while the players remained as Bruce Wayne. It isn''t the best Batman story, but it does it well enough to be memorable and worth seeing if you''re a fan.

The Batmobile had a bad day, but I''m confident fans wouldn''t dislike it more if Rocksteady, the game''s developer, didn''t try so hard to include it in the game. Although the story was somewhat predictable, it is still one of the best Batman games on the market today. Except for the Batmobile.

Although LEGO Batman proved just how much fun they can be. We think the second is the best of the three LEGO Batman games. It has the best puzzles, the best story, and is the most fun to play. Additionally, it doesn''t feel like it''s forcing us to play with every character and introduce them as the third one did.

Injustice 2 is continued in the midst of extensive customization and combat, and it is considered the most effective superhero fighter out there. The game is based on the dark Batman shown in Arkham Asylum, and there is Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker.

This was the game that helped propel superhero games to the top. Previously, superhero games were considered shovelware. Exactly as soon as Rocksteady created a dark and gritty world in which Batman matched his comic counterpart, things changed. It is remarkable because of its unbeatable story, and it enhanced fluid and smooth combat, which is still used today.

Each Batman game should have features like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

Arkham City is the best way to experience Gotham as Batman. It''s not the entire city, but the entire city requires time to move from one end to another. It has an incredible story, and players are able to patrol the city as much as they want. With Arkham City, fans realized that Arkham Asylum wasn''t a one-offRocksteady found the blueprint for making great superhero games.