Gun Codes in the Girl Cafe (May 2022)

Gun Codes in the Girl Cafe (May 2022) ...

Girl Cafe Gun is BILIBILI''s ARPG masterpiece that combines a match from waifu collector heaven: girls with guns and cafe management. In this gacha game, you can build a team of characters to shoot enemies on the battlefield and manage a cozy cafe in the background.

Our collection of Girl Cafe Gun vouchers that you may redeem for free in-game rewards is kept updated. We''ll keep this article updated with new codes that we discover, as well as codes that expire. If you find a new code that isn''t on the list, please follow the instructions on the left. We double-check every code that is mentioned and mentioned in the comments, so you know we always have working codes.

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All Girl Cafe Gun Codes List

The 13th of May

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Here''s a list of all working Girl Cafe Gun Codes. Be aware that all codes are case-sensitive, so type them as you see them or copy them on your mobile device and paste them directly into the game from the list below.

  • AHHPEZ56Redeem for x5 T3 Universal BFDB, x5 Quantum Palm, and x50,000 Crystal
  • AJW7QVVSRedeem for x1 Std. Weapon Request, x3 T3 Weapon Enhancer, and x20,000 Crystal
  • ABZVKXU2Redeem for x5 Succulent Pot, x3 Expanded Lonus Battery, and x30,000 Crystal

These Girl Cafe Gun codes are no longer valid. We keep them here because some players can see older codes and think they are new. This way, by looking at our list, you know which codes have already worked and which have not.

  • AM9G8LARRedeem this gift code for x500 Earth Coins, x5 T3 Universal BFDB, and x20,000 Crystal

How to Redeem Girl Cafe Gun Codes

Departure to time, Girl Cafe Gun hasn''t proved to have a consistent release schedule so far. Visit their official Twitter account at @cafe_gun to find codes.

Many times, you may accidentally enter a code, which is why you should do so on your phone instead. We advise copying these codes on a mobile device before putting them into the game. Another reason you might have trouble is that some of the codes may expire. If you try to claim an inactive code, you''ll receive an "Event expired."

The final reason is that you may have already claimed the benefit of a code. Make sure you haven''t entered a code you''ve already claimed, or it will not work. If any codes aren''t working for you, please let us know in the comments below.

What is Girl Cafe Gun?

Girl Cafe Gun is a BILIBILI-sponsored mobile game that allows players to follow the command of Squad 08 in Princess Island, defeating Archdemons, while managing a cozy cafe with adorable foods and beverages.

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