Jen Lilley Rebirths to a Baby Girl: Im Not Sure She Would Have Survived

Jen Lilley Rebirths to a Baby Girl: Im Not Sure She Would Have Survived ...

Jen Lilley, who plays the Hallmark and GAC Family, said the birth was so dramatic and unexpected that she is not sure if the baby would have survived if she hadnt made certain last-minute choices.

She Wasnt Even Sure She Was in Labor at First

Jen Lilley told People that the labor was so slow, and she wasn''t even sure she was having a baby at the time.

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I had no idea if I was actually in labor, she told People. I had Jackie seven minutes after she was able to return to the hospital. I would have had her in the car if I hadnt left, and im not sure she would have survived.

Yall will not believe this birth story sneak peak via the link in my bio. Details will be released next week on@people, but we thought wed let you know miss Jackie Grace safely arrived yesterday morning, and we couldn''t be more in love.

She told People that when her midwife told the nurses to remove her pants right away, she was misled because she truly didn''t think the baby was coming right now.

When the midwife started to comment on how much hair the baby had, she added that she and her husband, Jason, were surprised.

I thought it might be a difficult task to joke about, and realized, that I was actually having the baby right now.

Jacqueline Jackie Grace was born at 1:12 a.m. on Thursday, May 12, by Jen Lilley and Jason Wayne.

Jackie believes God will protect her, and Grace believes God will empower her,'' according to people.

On social media, her friends, colleagues, and followers all wish her well.

Candace Cameron Bure wrote, "Grandmother!!!" And ummm. I''m glad you and your baby are healthy and healthy. Im expressing my love to you and your ever growing family.

Danica McKellar wrote, "Hey, you have all been blessed!" And, um, NOBODY looks that good the day after giving birth, who are you?

Jackie Is Lilleys Fourth Child

Jen Lilley (@jen_lilley) has shared a post.

Lilley and Wayne adopted half-brothers Kayden and Jeffrey from foster care. They have also a daughter, Julie, who was born in 2019. While Julie was planned, their new baby was a big surprise.

Lilley told People: This is very strange. I was somewhat optimistic, but it was also so odd. I was waiting for my work permit from Canada, and I am texting my husband and our nanny via group text, I think he''s right now?

She said that her pregnancy test first came back negative, but she didn''t think it. Her second test came back positive, and a doctor confirmed the pregnancy later.

It wasnt Lilley''s first dramatic labor experience.

When Lilley entered labor, she went on the red carpet in 2019. During an interview with Access, she revealed that she was in labor right at the time.

Im literally in labor she told the reporter. Im early I gotta get to my phone at some point to time the contractions, but im closer to Cedars than if I was at home. I''m not that close. I can still talk.

She told People that because her contractions were inconsistent, she didn''t want to miss the TCA event.