Jenelle Evans on Barbara's Relationship and continuing custody battle

Jenelle Evans on Barbara's Relationship and continuing custody battle ...

Jenelle Evans, alum of Teen Mom 2, talked about her friendship with her mother, Barbara Evans, and revealed she wants to hold her 12-year-old son full custody.

Barbara, 69, has had full custody of Jace since 2010, but Jenelle is hoping that changes. According to The Sun, the MTV star was placed for sole custody in January 2021.

Jenellespoke to E! Newsin May 2022 about the ongoing custody battle, stating that she is fighting for full custody of Jace.

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If we end up going to trial, then im going to demand complete [custody] completely, she said. Im still trying to fix it out openly.

Jenelle added that if she wants to compromise, Ill have him during the week and you may have him every other weekend.

Jenelle Evans on Co-parenting With Barbara

Jenelle Evans tweets a post on Twitter (@j_evans1219).

Jenelle and Barbara have not always been on the best terms. During the years, Teen Mom viewers have seen the two struggle to maintain a healthy relationship. Jenelle told E! News in March 2021 that she was not speaking terms with her mother.

However, the two have recently made strides in their relationship. Jenelle told E! News in May 2022 that the two are now in a good place.

She said she''s actually grown good co-parenting. Shell tell me when Jace is misbehaving and [asks], can you call and talk to him? And I do.

On Twitter, Leah Messer responds to Kailyn Lowry.

A post from the Teen Mom (@teenmom)

Lesser Messer, star of Teen Mom 2, received recent attention from fans after liking a shady tweet about her former friend Kailyn Lowry.

After Teen Mom''s season finale, Leah liked a tweet from a fan, and what we not gone do is throw Leah under the bus. Kail acting like we didnt see allll the drama from the messy car, addiction, slurring her words, and messy divorce Leah filmed it ALL!

The tweet was a reaction to Kailyn''s remarks on the show. Leah, the host of Coffee Convos, claims she did not disclose personal details about her life on Teen Mom 2.

What Happened With Kailyn & Leah?

In March 2022, Kailyn unfollowed Leah on social media, and rumors spread that the two were no longer friends.

A former columnist told The Sunthat that the feud between Lowry and Messer has been thrashed due to the relationship between Messers and Briana DeJesus.

According to a source, after Briana and Leah were on the Teen Mom, Briana''s Family Reunion and Leah weren''t meant to her, and they didn''t sit well with Kail.

Kailyn and Briana have been fighting for years in an exorcism.

Leah and Briana have stayed with him while Briana frequently comment on Leahs photos, according to the source. While Kail used to constantly comment on Leahs pictures, that seemed to halt once Briana began commenting, and Kail has now unfollowed Leah.