Teresa Giudice is battling over the RHONJ husband Evan Goldschneider

Teresa Giudice is battling over the RHONJ husband Evan Goldschneider ...

Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider have been on the lookout for the last two seasons on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa told a witness to a Bravo reality show''s February 2021 affair with a woman at the gym she visits. Jackie and Evan have two children, Jonas, Adin, Alexis, and Hudson.

Jackie supported her husband, but the affair rumor caused a big stir for the RHONJ actors as Jackie compared the fake gossip to a rumor that Teresa''s daughter, Gia, was doing cocaine at parties. Teresa later stated she wanted nothing to do with her co-star after she brought up her 11-month prison term during a dinner party that was later screened for the show.

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Teresa expressed her displeasure to Jackie. Shes disgusting. I do not want to be in her presence.

Teresa Giudice said she has no respect for Jackie Goldschneider, but believes Evan is a classic act.

While Evan Goldschneider has a lot to be upset with Teresa Giudice, the two appear to be fine in a May 2022 interview on the Slut Pigs podcast. Teresa was asked to define Jackie as a cast member on a scale of one to 10.

Teresa replies that she would say two, but sorry, I have no respect for her just because we became friends last season, and then out of nowhere.

Despite Teresa''s stress over Jackie, Evan Goldschneider is still dating herfiance, Luis Ruelas.

Evan and Louie are still friends, she said. They just went to dinner a few weeks ago and I believe they will play golf soon. He may have been a class act. He didnt apologize to him. He did apologize to him, and he did not care. Jackie, however, said that she was just overjoyed.

Teresa explains that Jackie had resigned from talking with her due to a confrontation with their co-star, Margaret Josephs.

Teresa said she was like a wow. She is so high school-ish. Its like lets follow the leader. I think, have your own brain. I think she was intelligent, but she wasn''t really. Just sayin.

Teresa asked Jackie Goldschneider about her Husbands Fidelity ever questioning her.

Jackie Mark Goldschneider (@jackiegoldschneider) has shared a post.

Teresa''s unfounded rumors about her husband and how it affected their kids, Jackie said in early 2022, were shocking. At no point did she ever believe the rumor was true.

I felt sorry that I put him in that position, and that he was even being asked about his husband.

I take the time I need to make sure that something is for me, she added. I dont want to be a statistic. I want to be another Housewife who ended up divorced.

Ariel told her that she was forced to tell her kids about the rumors about their father because some of their neighbors watch RHONJ.