Jax Taylor Has Posted On Future Plans

Jax Taylor Has Posted On Future Plans ...

While Jax Taylor may have a lot to say in the coming weeks, there''s a lot of information to keep an eye on.

In December 2020, the former SUR bartender joined Vanderpump Rules as an original cast member and star for eight seasons. Taylor and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, announced their reshuffle from the Bravo reality show.

Following the ninth season, the future of Vanderpump Rules had come to an end, but on the same day that it was announced that the show would receive a season 10 renew, Taylor and his rep were outraged that something substantial is also going down for him in a few weeks.

Taylor and his rep submitted a cryptic photo to tease something that is coming very soon.

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Jax (@mrjaxtaylor) posts a post.

Taylor''s Instagram captioned the photo on May 12, 2022, showing them posing at Craigs, a Hollywood pub. Three more weeks. @mrjaxtaylor and Krebs wrote it.

In a Reddit thread titled Three more weeks for what? What is Jaxs PR person alluding to? rumors are swirling about what was going on.

Is his children''s book coming out? Is he moving to Clearwater? Is he on his contract with Lori K? one fan commented.

A second letter from former bartenders depicts his sweater trending downwards.

Others wondered if Taylor and Cartwright will feature on the show for its most significant 10th season in the teaser post.

Jax Taylor Before Written a Childrens Book, There Are Rumors Her Filmed a New TV Show With His Wife, Brittany Cartwright

Taylor has discussed several new ideas in the works. In November 2021, he told Access that he wrote a book that will be published in mid-2022. The Bravo alum also stated that he wrote the book as a tribute to his late father, Ronald Cauchi.

Taylor told Access in a video interview last fall that the book was intended to teach his 1-year-old son, Cruz, more about his grandfather''s life.

Taylor said that she received an homage to my son, who was kind of a like a love letter. It''s really, really proud of it. It should be released the summer of 2022.

A now-deleted comment on Taylors'' recently launched Jaxs Closet Instagram page also revealed that Taylor and his wife were both really busy shooting a new show.

In a Twitter comment, Taylor said that after a fan asked him why he stays in California for comments that doesn''t wish to raise his children there, Taylor replied, because new projects in the pipeline here [TV] will be in the works soon. Only reason why I am still here.

According to a Cameo video, Taylor has confirmed that he and his wife plan to make a significant move across the country. According to a recent teased, he and Cartwright will move to Clearwater, Florida, soon.