When she gets competing on the show, DWTS Pro reports she re-elects IG

When she gets competing on the show, DWTS Pro reports she re-elects IG ...

After less than three years of marriage, Cheryl Burke has been battling a difficult time.

A 38-year-old dancer from Dancing with the Stars told Extra that his divorce is suck.

I dont recommend it, but at the end of the day, you know, it''s not like we didnt try, and I know we gave it a good shot, according to a friend.

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With the latest season of the celebrity ballroom competition on the way this autumn, Burke seems eager to get back on screen. Although the cast hasn''t been announced, during a May 4 appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, she expressed her interest in the transition from ABC to the streaming platform.

While she''s ready to set up her Disney+ account, Burke isn''t a fan of certain social media apps during the DWTS season. In fact, she deletes a popular one as soon as the competition begins.

When she is competing on DWTS, Cheryl Burke turns off Instagram.

When she was presenting Dancing With the Stars on a May 2022 episode, Burke revealed that she changed her social media usage. She also removed the Instagram app from her phone, so she can focus on the competition and avoid negative reactions.

This was a s***show, this whole process, she said of her divorce. And especially recently because Ive never done it before. It affects me to the point where I stop using the app when I''m on Dancing with the Stars because it literally will affect my emotions.

When it comes to social media commenters, Burke admits she has had to develop a thick skin, and that the program, combined with her divorce information, might stutter further negative feedback.

You simply show your gratitude because we are human at the end of the day, according to a professor. No matter whether or not I was dancing the samba in front of millions of people, I am a human being, just like Joe Schmoe is a human being. Everyone has feelings and no one wants to look at something they may be looking for positive feedback and then see someone say, Well you barely tried in your marriage. It''s sad.

Cheryl Burke has completely fled social media in the past.

Burke has been reprimanded for previous social media misdeeds. In 2013, she called out a DWTS fan site on Twitter. All of these negative comments especially puredwts.com has to stop. Why bad mouth anyone? Positivity is where it at!

Burke was kicked out of social media in 2018, despite being dealing with some personal issues right now. She was forced to take a break from social media, according to people at the time.