When Will Melissa McCarthy Star in The Great Giveback on HGTV?

When Will Melissa McCarthy Star in The Great Giveback on HGTV? ...

Melissa McCarthy and her cousin, Jenna Perusich, star in HGTV''s latest series, The Great Giveback. The six-episode season will air on Monday, June 13, 2022, at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

The trio will surprise six deserving families with home renovations. In a press release, HGTV revealed that the actresses will learn the heartfelt stories of extraordinary people nominated by their loved ones. Then, inspired by the inspiring narratives, the self-proclaimed design and vintage fanatics will grab sledgehammers, select personalized finishes, and demo and reno alongside their expert team to stun recipients with breathtaking, life-changing revelations.

In a press release, McCarthy said, "The Great Giveback" demonstrates how I can do things and how I can assist others in life improvement. If those who give and give don don''t deserve a great giveback, I dont know who does. Goodness matters and its contagious, and Jenna and I are so fortunate and grateful to have met such special people.

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The second series was first published in November 2021.

In the Premiere, McCarthy and Perusich will give back to a combat veteran.

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Katie, a combat veteran, will be revamped, according to HGTV.

According to the story, Katie will receive a thoughtfully designed, completely overhauled kitchen, living area, and a fresh nursery from Melissa and Jenna.

Dawanna, a 15-year law enforcement officer who assists youth, the elderly, and those in need through diverse community programs, Kate, an ICU pediatric nurse, Lucia, an eight-year-old dance teacher, who includes special needs kids and senior citizens, Mynor, the director of a non-profit that serves inner city youth and families, and Ryan, an aspiring musician who enjoys playing music as a volunteer at a senior living facility.

In a press release, Melissa and I are focusing on exceptional people who give back and do good every day. We are changing their lives by making their homes better and more functional while also telling the story of what they do for others. Kindness is a difference and this has been our biggest drawback from the series.

McCarthy & Peruisch Appeared on Celebrity IOU

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McCarthy and Perusich have teamed up for HGTV for the second time in a row. They were previously featured in a celebrity IOU episode in 2020, renovating the home of Perusich''s parents.

In a press release, Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich received a great return from HGTV. With a full of surprises, fabulous home transformations, and extra laughter and heart, we had to bring them back for their own renovation series.

Scott Brothers Entertainment is producing The Great Giveback with Melissa McCarthy and Jenna Perusich, as well as McCarthy as executive production.