Nicole Scherzinger, a DWTS competitor, shows off flexibility doin the splits in a swimming pool

Nicole Scherzinger, a DWTS competitor, shows off flexibility doin the splits in a swimming pool ...

Nicole Scherzinger, a former Dancing With the Stars champion, demonstrated off her incredible flexibility by sitting in a pool with her legs in a split. She shared the photo on her Instagram account for her 5.2 million followers to enjoy.

Happy Cinco De Mayo from Mexico. This was when Scherzinger captioned her post, which included two pictures from a swimming pool at a resort.

Scherzinger sat in a split while holding her drink up in the air. The second photo was quite similar, but Scherzinger increased her glass even higher.

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The top of her pastel string bikini could be seen under her long hair. Scherzingers appeared to be wearing a thong style, while her lower half was submerged in the swimming pool in complete appearance. In true dancer mode, Scherzinger kept her toes pointed beneath the water.

Here''s what you should know.

Scherzinger received positive feedback for her post.

Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzinger) wrote a post.

Scherzinger sat in a dramatic location that overlooked the ocean.

The likes and comments about Scherzinger began to plummet shortly after the post posted on Instagram. The theme for the comments is filled with red hearts and fire emoji, with many individuals simply commenting wow or stunning.

We love to see babe in Cinco De Mayo, according to one person.

Someone else adds a happy life to it.

We were just on the Mayan Riviera. Hopefully Cinco De Mayo was a fun day for you, according to another author.

Ah, a fourth person said she had never been back on the job today, pointing out Scherzingers'' physique.

Wow! A fifth comment about your approach is appreciated.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that drives happiness, according to a sixth Instagram user, adding the shocked face emoji.

It''s unknown who Scherzinger might have been on vacation with or how long she had visited Mexico.

In April 2022, Scherzinger showed off her figure in a swimsuit.

Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzinger) shared a post.

Scherzinger isnt shy when it comes to photographing herself. In fact, just a few weeks before her trip to Mexico, Scherzinger showed off her toned body in a bikini and shared the photo on Instagram.

The former Pussycat Doll wore a gold chain garter in some shots, as well as promoted the Oro Bronze line. The swimwear has received several 5-star reviews on the Solo Mio Swim website.

On the Solo Mio Swim Instagram page, photographs of Scherzinger dressed in the golden bikini were also shared, and the singer was called a mezemerizing [sic] iconic queen in the caption.

I can''t take it! So incredible, Natasha Bedingfield commented. During the comment section, actress Eva Longoria left a string of fire emoji.

Oh my gosh nicole! What is so beautiful and remarkable, a fan writes.

You''re 40 years old, and you''re looking 22 boo boo, according to someone else, adding a kissy face emoji.

Woooowwww! This might be a cover for an album, but here''s a hint.