Raquel Leviss splintered his head with a Bravo Star, kicking Romance Rumors into high gear

Raquel Leviss splintered his head with a Bravo Star, kicking Romance Rumors into high gear ...

Raquel Leviss might soon be ready to make a new romance public.

In late 2021, the Vanderpump Rules star broke off her relationship to James Kennedy and while Kennedy has already moved on publicly, Leviss has kept her personal life off of social media, but that does not mean that her friends have done the same.

After these five wonderful years we had together, we decided to have two different goals before canceling the engagement. We love each other very much, but we don''t have to worry about leaving ourselves alone. Leviss wrote an Instagram post in December 2021.

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Leviss was driving with Davies in the passenger seat in the Hamptons for her wedding on May 13, 2022. Shay was behind Leviss, and Leviss was behind Davies.

In a video posted by Shay, Leviss and Vand appeared to be flirting at the wedding.

Here''s what you should know.

Leviss and Vand were previously linked to an Anonymous source.

Nema Vand (@nemavand) has shared a post.

Leviss and Vand havent confirmed or denied their connections at their Berners wedding, although they appeared to be getting close at the same time. Shay took to Instagram Stories to share a video of Leviss and Vand as they seemed to be laying up close. Leviss was smiling as Vand showed his arm around her shoulders.

Shay had a big, cheesy smile on her face as she captured the moment and shared it with her followers.

Someone claimed that Leviss was dating Vanderpump Rules star in early April. Shortly after rumors that Leviss was dating Vanderpump Rules, they were dismissed.

Nema Vand is dating a guy from Shahs of Sunset. He flew her to New York for a trip, like last week. Im close to some of the cast. This is just my finsta, a message, posted to Your Moms Are Watching on Instagram, read.

Very interesting: Although they were previous clients, Vand and Shay dated briefly.

It was a little more than a year ago that I had six dates. And I was just going through all of Adam [Spott] stuff. Shay said, according to Bravo, she was on hand to call Vand amazing and said she would introduce him to someone who is valuable.

Leviss and Peter Madrigal were on a date under the Vanderpump Rules.

Peter Madrigal''s post (@petermadrigal) is shared.

In March 2022, rumors that Leviss had planned a date with her VPR co-star Peter Madrigal surfaced, and she later admitted that the two did indeed go on one date.

Leviss talked to Katie Maloney about her night out with Madrigal on the April 1, 2022 episode of the Katie Maloneys Youre Gonna Love Me podcast.

Everyone will judge me for this. I''m not judging myself for this. Last night, I went out for drinks with Peter. And it was a fun little day. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to just like getting back out in the dating world, since Leviss said.

So, when he asked me to drink with him, I was like, mmmm okay sure,'' she added. She explained that it was more of a relaxing night out, and she likely wont be having any romantic relationships with Madrigal.