Who Should Win Survivor 42? The Final 6 is a mystery for fans

Who Should Win Survivor 42? The Final 6 is a mystery for fans ...

Fans are preparing for the three-hour season finale of Survivor 42, which will take place on May 25. Until then, six players remain in the game, and fans are eager to take a hold of each other''s opponents as well.

Here''s all you need to know before the third episode of the season, which airs Wednesday:

Three Clear Frontrunners Are Emerging

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As Ika and Vati got decimated since the merger, many fans may have noticed that the Taku 4 Omar Zaheer, Maryanne Oketch, Lindsay Dolashewich, and Jonathan Young have made the final 6 completely intact, while almost none of the other contestants seemed to have even recognized. This may reveal the importance of the four contestants, as three of them have emerged as leading contenders for the victory.

Omar, who was interviewed by GoldDerby shortly beforeepisode 11, blew all of the others out, with 43% of respondents believing he has the best odds of winning, followed by Maryanne with 25%. He also won this week''s Player of the Week, a fan poll conducted by Martin Holmess Inside Survivor, with 45% of the vote.

This is no surprise. Fans have praised Omar for his tense moves throughout the season, not least of which included saving his supporters from certain elimination during the merger by successfully allowing the vote on Lydia Meredith, 22.

Due to his mastery in controlling the gameplay, some fans have even gone far beyond calling him a Godfather. Because to this, he has largely been on the right side of the votes all but once, and almost every time he had been the one responsible for the decision.

Lindsay Dolashewich has appeared in several jurors as being their favorite to win, despite a very slow-key performance for the season. Despite her impressive performance, she unsurprisingly came in second in the Player of the Week survey, which sparked a slew of votes. Lindsay has also been referred to as having a few votes if she fails to reach the end.

Despite the recent changes that indicated Maryanne and Romeo Escobar are on the outs, this is likely to be a facade given Maryanne''s very tightties with her previous Taku members, most notably Omar and Lindsay. Despite her bubbly personality, Maryanne has also been shown to have a more cunning and strategic side. She absolutely hides it well, which will no doubt play to her benefit.

Maryanne and Lindsay are the only female contestants left in a season that hasn''t seen a male winner in seven seasons (given how the 42 contestants are unaware of Erika Casupanans'' win), which may give them an advantage in the Final Tribal Council. En out, a season in which racial and cultural considerations has played a significant role may be seen in favor of a jury.

Mike Turner Has Gotten the Biggest Edit

Mike Turner (@hobokenmiket) has shared a post.

Mike Turner, who has been outed last week by Drea as likely to win if he made it to the end, hasn''t been so much on the radar of audiences. However, he has been receiving the most edit so far, by far as well as among the finest having received 43 confessionals since the first week of Omars 36. Although the confessional count and overall edit isn''t necessarily a result of a victory (see Erika last season), it certainly can be (see Tony Vlac

Jonathan, despite his pride in challenges and popularity among fans, early on, appears to have fallen out of favor, and is no longer considered a major contender to win among many supporters or analysts. The same applies to Romeo, who is widely viewed by supporters and fellow competitors as as illogical and naive.

Will a Taku resurrect his confidence in the end? Survivor may be known for lowering expectations, but right now, it seems like that is a safe bet for Survivor 42.

CBS TV shows Survivor on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern. The three-hour season 42 finale is now available.