Heather Dubrows comments have been criticized by Tamra Judge

Heather Dubrows comments have been criticized by Tamra Judge ...

Tamra Judge, a Bravo co-host, shared her thoughts on Heather Dubrow, her former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star, on the May 12 episode of her podcast Two Ts In A Pod, co-hosted by Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave.

Judge referred to Dubrow on the Two Ts In A Pod she was dissatisfied with some of her opinions on her podcast in May 2022. However, she denied that she would begrudge her former co-star for speaking about RHOC on the Two Ts In A Pod. She strongly denied that she would begrudged her earlier comments, saying, "The CUT Fitness co-owner openly rejected some of her choices during RHOC season 16.

If you were friends, why do you feel sorry on me? There are just a few things Ive heard and I go, man, why do you say that?'' said Dubrow.

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As the Bravo alum talks about the show every time, she said she did not think Judge could be an RHOC cast member. One of Dubrows co-hosts, Jefferson, made similar comments and stated that there is nothing going on in [Judges] life except that [she] used to be on television.

Not in a horribly unintentional way, you defined yourself by the fact that you used to be on TV instead of running your gym or doing anything, according to Jefferson.

Tamra Judge Was Paid About Heather Dubrows'' Comments

Tamra Judge postponed a meeting (@tamrajudge)

Judge shared that she was in a funk after listening to the May 5 Heather Dubrows World episode. She also disclosed that she has been in contact with Dubrow.

I could literally cry about it. No, because it was so mean girl like not necessary. And I did communicate to her afterwards, like I ended her up calling me and I watched [Dubrows podcast] maybe five times after it and im like this is just mean. This is mean, according to the judge.

She also admitted that she did not like Jefferson''s statements.

Her co-host says that while ex-cast members are watching your show, their living is determined by the fact that they used to be on your show, referring to me. he said, ''I was a blogger multiple times, and I was more likely to perform then,'' as if I didnt get to go on the show, so that she wouldn''t watch it, as if me was a bad thing.'' And then Heather explained, how do you recover from that and why would you even come after me

Judge also said she is wary about the situation because she does not understand how she offended Dubrow. Arroyave chimed in that the RHOC star should be irritated at her instead of her former castmate during a February 2022 episode of Two Ts In A Pod.

She may be irritated with me, but you always have her back, according to the former RHOBH star.

Arroyave revealed that Dubrow expressed her displeasures about Judge because she does not want her to join the RHOC cast again.

Why is she so concerned by you she must put you down? I think it almost because she is worried that you will return and she will not be able to call all of the shots anymore, according to the 40-year-old.

Judges agreed with her podcast co-hosts assessment.

I''m sure she did this, but why did she give me a clear message, and I believe it was to Bravo, but I believe youre right, she wanted to make me look bad, she wanted to insinuate that Im a shady blogger, and there''s no room for me on the show, according to Vena CBD co-founder.

The judge said that her feelings were hurt then.

We talked about it and we agreed to move on, but im getting so many messages about this, and I wanted to clarify, I was not going after her, according to the former RHOC star.

In December 2021, Heather Dubrow told the reporters that she had not met Tamra Judge on RHOC.

Heather Dubrow (@heatherdubrow) has shared a post.

During a chat with Us Weekly on December 2021, Dubrow revealed that she missed Judge and her previous co-star Vicki Gunvalson while filming RHOC season 16 which premiered in December 2021.

I was on the show five seasons and they all had a season round, and there was even one season where it just started out with just the three of us. So you know, I understand how much we care about them a lot and thankful for them. He shared the 53-year-old.