Teen Mom 2 Star Teases Quitting Franchise and Wants to Move to London

Teen Mom 2 Star Teases Quitting Franchise and Wants to Move to London ...

Ashley Jones, 25, has hints at a significant life change on Kailyn Lowry''s podcast Barely Famous. Lowry, 30, said she is contemplating moving to the United Kingdom.

On the May 13 episode, she said she is contemplating doing something really crazy. I''m contemplating simply taking a chance to London.

Lowry supported the idea, stating, "Honestly, I dont think that''s crazy, but I think that''s outrageous."

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Jones revealed on Facebook that her husband, Bar Smith, is living in London, and they want to support him.

He has a large family support system here, and im like, theres nothing here, she said. We all feel like everything else here, but whats here that we cant do in London?

The MTV presenter has revealed that she has started photographing houses, but she hasn''t sent the truth to Teen Mom producers.

In the early morning, an inside source told The Ashleys Reality Roundup that Jones had signed on to be a member of a upcoming Teen Mom Legacy spinoff show. However, Jones'' recent statements on the Lowrys podcast made fans wonder if she intends to leave the franchise.

Before returning to the United Kingdom, Jones advised Lowry that she must obtain several US documents.

Once I get these documents, I realize that it''s the only thing that keeps me back in my mind and in my heart.

Leah Messer Posts Cryptic Message

L (@leahmesser) wrote a post.

Leah Messer, 30, shared a disturbing message on Instagram during Teen Mom''s season finale, which caught the attention of fans.

On her Instagram story, the MTV star posted a screenshot from the show, with the caption, and I''ll forever be grateful for the memories, experiences, lessons, opportunities, and friends/coworkers that have become family.

The Ashley announced earlier this month that Messer would be involved in the next spinoff show. However, supporters were concerned that her recent post would leave the franchise.

With the title, a fan posted a screenshot of the story on Reddit, so do you believe this is why Leah is also leaving out of Teen Mom?

Is it true that a fan replied to the thread, writing, and it is unlikely that they were willing to stand down or that these girls did not make the cut for the supposedly new combined show?

Another fan wrote, and I think they cancelled it and advised the girls to keep it on the DL.

A third user replies that Leah would have to quit.

On Instagram, Jaylan Mobley pries Leah Messers'' Birthday.

Jaylan Mobley''s post is shared by him (@jaylan_mobley).

With a sweet message on Instagram, Leah Messers boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley, celebrated Messers'' 30th birthday.

The 25-year-old shared a series of photos of him and Leah alongside a touching caption.

Happy Birthday to my one and only [Leah Messer], he wrote. I love you! I know this will be the best year yet. I am fortunate, blessed, and thankful to be able to celebrate and elevate with you. Heres to 30 people!

Fans of teenage girls commented on the video to wish him a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Leahshe looks so good, according to one Instagram user.

Beautiful birthday, Leah!!!, another user wrote.

Happy 30th, Leah! You are so much loved by you guys, as a third user wrote.