After an Instagram joke against a button, Lisa Rinna shook a nerve

After an Instagram joke against a button, Lisa Rinna shook a nerve ...

Following the comments Stracke made about Erika Jaynes'' dating life in the Season 12 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the beef between Sutton Stracke and Lisa Rinna has just been in a rush this week.

The Reality Rundown posted a screenshot on Instagram showing Strackes comments during the episode that she doesn''t need a guy who has money, unlike Erika.'' The post triggered a firestorm of comments, mostly from Lisa Rinna who came to her friend and co-stars defense. Rinna stated in her first comment:

Sutton worked her ass off to get the money she has. I guess it takes a Golddigger to know one. She is rich honey she is RICHHHHH!!!!!! Cuz of her ex husband. and hey- more power to her -however you get your cash just own it baby.

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Lisa has replied to Rinna''s comments and wrote, thank you. You know that Ive known my ex since we were young. Don''t be doin this. Rinna asked her co-star, So if he stopped paying you monthly- what then? Youd be in the same position as Erika. Don''t be startin something you cant win. The original post is available below:

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Throughout the day, Rinna continued to fire shots at the slugger.

The exchange sparked a slew of outcry from Rinna throughout the day. After Reality Rundowns'' initial post, the account compiled the story along with the previews of the first exchange, and when Rinna asked me to comment on the post, I found a slur, along with several angry emojis.

In another comment, the RHOBH star said, "It''s hard when the husband makes all the money but I understand why I have always made my own money. I then got the account, along with Strackes'' initial response, which led to Rinna again commenting, but you''re still angry. I''ve had a tumultuous day.

Rinna mentioned in another comment, Also I thought Sutton was too busy in her life to see this tabloid stuff happening? She sure saw this now didnt she. Jayne had a lot to say about Rinna, sharing a screenshot of the exchange on her Instagram Stories and commenting, but I know for sure Lisa is right-handed.

In an interview, Jayne denied looking for a guy who has been money.

Bravo''s post (@bravotv) has been shared.

Stracke spoke about her dating life and saying that unlike Erika, I cannot pay for money. She added that perhaps Erika misses her vast house all of the jewelry and the lifestyle, so she must look for someone who can provide that for her.

Through a Page Six interview, Jayne disagreed and called back at Strackes'' comments. Well, that''s not true, because if I wanted something, I''d already have one. No I value intelligence, a sense of humor, and someone who is very good at what they do in life. That''s the type of guy I want.