Fans of Andy Cohen's Cringe are retrained to watch what happens live

Fans of Andy Cohen's Cringe are retrained to watch what happens live ...

The popular late-night television show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is expected to premiere for another couple of years after being renewed earlier in 2022, but some fans are dissatisfied with a few of the shows'' effects and eager to return to an earlier format.

WWHL, which has Cohen as the executive producer as well as the host, is now working through 2023 due to Bravo''s 15th year. However, in a recent thread on Reddit, some fans expressed their displeasure about the viewer''s questions on the program, which have been sent in via Zoom.

There appears to be something quite a mix of questions on Reddit, but one person has written them off the screen to read whatever their question is, and sometimes you can even see their notepad or whatever in the frame! I suspect the questions are at the least pre-vetted by production, and probably well-provided lol.

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Many people agreed and said they preferred the days as it seemed less scripted.

Many people commented on the thread and said they missed the days when fans would ask them about anything at all. One person said, Of course, they are pre planned. Remember when someone was supposed to ask [Kim Zolciak-Biermann] a specific question and then live he asked why she looked dope on instagram and trash on TV lmao Andys reaction. Here is a clip of that moment in question.

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I must mute my TV when viewing viewer questions because Andy and the guests always look like citizens of The Capitol in the Hunger Games. They do not even hide their disdain for regular people, according to one person. Andy is so despised, not if he is an attractive 20-year-old guy. One person also accused him of salivating over young male users.

One person wrote, yeah, I hate this part as well. If they are going to do scripted questions, Andy should just read them and pretend they''re tweets, vs. the super awkward zoom interactions in which he sees his eyes if someone fails to acknowledge the other guest.

One person claimed, It''s become completely fake and scripted. And the ratings reflect that. One wrote, WWHL started tanking as soon as they got rid of the live callers. I do not know how live callers might work now, even ten years later. One Redditor reminisced about a repeat called who they said HATED one of the housewife every time she was on, this caller would have their call sent in and they would go in on the housewife.

A few commenters talked about their own experiences calling in questions and said they were all scripted. One person said they were in a Zoom audience and they asked me what to ask, and the other person said, they were 100% answering them. You are selected to answer the question and told what to say.

One person said they were on WWHL a long time ago and said about the differences: Youd ask in, a producer would see if your question was appropriate, and they''d reframe it if necessary; I could have done anything if I had wanted.

WWHL has been on for several years, and has occasionally contributed to drama on Bravo Shows.

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After its release, WWHL has long been an exciting aftershow where viewers get to know a bit more about what''s going on with the various Bravo shows. Sometimes, what''s left on the show will later turn into drama on the various franchises, like for example the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Lisa Rinna, who plays RHOBH on season 12, stated at the beginning of the season that she was watching a recent WWHL and was shocked by some of her co-star Sutton Strackes comments, which soon evolved into an all-out conflict.