Where Are All of the Plus Size Singles in Bachelor and Bachelorette Weight Bias?

Where Are All of the Plus Size Singles in Bachelor and Bachelorette Weight Bias? ...

The Bachelor and Bachelorette stars and suitors have all been thin and fit, as well as a few minor exceptions (for example, Bob Guiney was briefly dropped in season 4 two decades ago). This is why the franchise has made an effort to diversify its cast in terms of race and ethnicity. In addition, the group has even taken steps to diversify in terms of age, according to Bustle.

Abby Langer, a nutritionist, explains that his mother bods would define as having stretch marks, a poochy stomach, and un-perky breasts, according to the mainstream culture. This is the root of the problem, with The Bachelor and of society in general.

The standard of beauty in society certainly orients towards the types of people on The Bachelor and its spinoffs. It''s common to believe that society is dictating what we see on TV, or is what we see on television dictating the view of society?

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The Bachelor''s reputation is not solely attributed to him. However, Langer believes the franchise is one of the greatest offenders, especially for women, because virtually every female cast member is model-perfect, with long hair, large white teeth, and young. Langer continues, The danger of not showing only one type of woman in the program is that it suggests that only small, feminine women deserve love. That is, as women, our joy.

According to Langer, the broadcast is primarily intended to be a fantasy rather than a mundane depiction of everyday life. However, even if psychological and social factors are taken out of the equation, the fact remains that viewers desire to see people they associate.

The bachelor and bachelorette ratings have fallen. Some are due to the fact that fans are tired of seeing people they have nothing to common with jump from one attractive suitor to another, many of whom are virtually interchangeable. They want to see what their neighbors, friends, and co-workers look like.

The Powers That Be Do Not Agree

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According to Glamour, former host Chris Harrison and ABC executive Robert Mills argued that television is a very visual medium. Mills promised weight diversity, then reversed by saying, and some things revolve around who the lead is, and who will be fired the first night. That is exactly what happened the one time a plus-sized model was cast on Chris Soules season in 2015. Bo Stanley went home on night one. There hasn''t been a plus-sized cast member since.

Is it certain that people are feeling tired of the sameness even in the body type?

Fox aired a dating program called More to Love in 2009, where a 300-pound bachelor dated a group of plus size women, ranging from the slightly overweight to the very large. The show was unsuccessful, but it was unlikely for the reason television executives believe. Contestant after contestant confesses, they do not like being big. They do not only like being thin or thin.

This is not the type of assumption Bachelor and Bachelorette fans want for more body-size diversity. One Reddit user wrote, Wouldnt mind seeing some body diversity on the show. I get that society has taught us to want to see thin people on television, but with so many body positivity movements, I think it''s time The Bachelor franchise catch up. This is the case, however. Body diversity does not mean one or the other, but it is for everyone. However, there is currently only one type of body being represented.

Fans are hesitant to attend an entertaining Bachelor or Bachelorette season where everyone is of a certain body type. They simply want the franchise to recognize that diversity comes in all shapes and sizes.