The legendary Bloodborne boss is now a cool Elden Ring build

The legendary Bloodborne boss is now a cool Elden Ring build ...

A player has made an Elden Ring build of one of the most notorious Bloodborne bosses, Father Gascoigne, as if Elden Rings own bosses were not bad enough. Perhaps more impressive, the player has made it so this Elden Ring cosplay build even transforms mid-battle. Heck, they even recreate the Souls-like gamebosscutscene.

Players can create many great Elden Ring builds for them to successfully complete one of the most challenging and successful PC games, but sometimes they just want to have fun with the system. So far, Elden Ring has been released, and many of them have seen players create Jesus and Satan builds, including a Mech suit.

One Elden Ring player reportedly decided to create a cosplay build of gatekeeper Bloodborne boss Father Gascoigne, who essentially plays Margitthe Fell Omenin FromSoftwares earlier game. This boss is not too difficult to do but its the attention to detail that makes this build special.

Father Gascoigne recreates the Bloodborne bosss cutscene at the start of this PvP battle, where he slowly turns around and roars towards the player. Finally, Bloodborne players will rememberGascoigne transforming into a wolf mid-way through this fight this cosplayer does that too, quite coolly. Check it out.

Mad respect for this perfect Father Gascoigne cosplay build. They replicated the intro cutscene, Hunters axe forms and blunderbuss so well! Fun fight. from Eldenring

Since Bloodborne isn''t working on PC, here''s the original reason for the discussion:

Elsewhere in Elden Ring''s boss news, heroic player Let Me Solo Her has now defeated Malenia more than 1,000 times.

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