The Wayward Realms is seeking help for the Elder Scrolls devs RPG

The Wayward Realms is seeking help for the Elder Scrolls devs RPG ...

When we first discovered The Wayward Realms last year, we thought that investors and publishers would be clambering over each other to get an outcome of that action. Surely even the suits in their glass-and-steel towers can see that a spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is a great idea? Although, The Wayward Realms is still looking for funding to help people realize the project safely.

In a conversation with Julian Le Fay, he said, the main issue with the game is that it still lacks funding, but it certainly does not, with volunteers and enthusiastic individuals, but with volunteers, you cant be like OK, I need you to do this by Wednesday or whatever, making managing it a little more complicated.

Victor Villarreal, a community manager, has said that the studio is in active discussions with several potential investors, even if it hasn''t yet sought any out. This time, the game is very exciting, and we must use this time that we have to build a solid foundation in both technology and game design.

The Wayward Realms is currently in pre-production at OnceLost Games, a studio co-founded by Ted Peterson, Julian Le Fay, Vijay Lakshman, and Eric Heberling, all of whom worked on the early Elder Scrolls games such as Daggerfall. The game will be system-heavy, with an AI similar to a Game Master to create scenarios, events, and quests for players based on their actions.

Le Fay rejected the notion of the game taking the crowdfunding route. True, Kickstarter isn''t enough to make an RPG, but it''s not really in it to make an RPG again, and I want to make the greatest RPG that has ever been made, and that''s going to require a little bit more than you can raise on Kickstarter!

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