Paradox may be buying devs and IP, focusing on strategy games

Paradox may be buying devs and IP, focusing on strategy games ...

It''s probable that major Paradox Interactive acquisitions might happen in the next few years, which include both businesses and IP. Paradox is also double down on its core strategy games and management games like the upcoming Victoria 3.

In 2022, the year for major studio acquisitions is likely. Microsoft is planning to buy Activision for a $70 billion contract, but Sony is considering expanding its studio Bungie. Earlier this month, the Embracer Group took several studios off the hands of Square Enix.

In a company presentation hosted earlier this week, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester stated that the publisher might be doing some acquisitions of corporations orIPs throughout the next year or years. He did not reveal any specific names or details but said these acquisitions would not be the main focusof our operations.

Paradox wants to strengthen its game ecosystem and the services it provides to ensure it matches with what our gamers desire. The CEO also states that it is still investing in its core pipeline projects, with the publishers'' strategy and management games being the focus and receiving the absolute majority of its investments.

Victoria 3 is Paradox''s next major strategy game, and at some point, we may even see Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2.