This month, the return date for the FFXIV Housing Lottery has been confirmed

This month, the return date for the FFXIV Housing Lottery has been confirmed ...

With maintenance and testing starting on Monday, Square Enix closed its ability for players to buy homes in its MMO game.

The Final Fantasy XIV team introduced a housing system for the Empyreum residential district as ofpatch 6.1, which is governed by a lottery system where players are randomly selected for a plot of land, which ran well until it didnt, despite no players being able to select it.

ProducerNaoki Yoshida confirms that the team has completed preparations to produce new lottery data and restore the correct lottery results this Monday, May 16, and that any suspensions on buying plot purchases and relocations will be lifted. Winners will have until the next lottery cycle to purchase plots of land, and even if their ticket was refunded they will still be able to complete the purchase. However, Yoshida cautioned that players kindly return their refunded deposit voluntarily.

Square Enix confirms that all the fixes have been successful and will resume on May 26 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST. In conclusion, Yoshida expresses his deepest apologies for the damage and hardship caused by the system, and the organization will do everything we can to keep your data safe, rectify any remaining issues, and ensure that your entire property system is functional.

Yoshida confirms that Final Fantasy XVI is in its final stages of development and its next trailer is released, apparently so expect it to arrive soon.