Elden Ring's Cemetery Shade bosses are located at the correct location

Elden Ring's Cemetery Shade bosses are located at the correct location ...

The Cemetery Shades are black beings that appear in dungeons around the Lands Between. These beings possess a weapon called the Mantis Blade, which allows them to double its size, making these enemies harder to dodge. These also have the capability to paralyze you for a brief moment so they can contact you in and strike. If you aren''t careful, here''s where to find all of the cemetery Shade bosses in Elden Ring.

Weeping Peninsula

The first of the Cemetery Shade bosses you will likely encounter is down on the Weeping Peninsula. This is the area to the south of Limgrave on the other side of the Bridge of Sacrifice. Follow the path west and the Tombsward Catacombs are located in the dungeon. Lhutel the Headless is dropped, but the boss will not surrender it.


The next cemetery shade is located in Lirunia, on the north side of Stormveil Castle. The boss here is located at the end of the Black Knife Catacomb. Follow the path north along the cliffside and it will take you to multiple cliffs with gravestones sticking out of them. This is where the two cats are defeated. The Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes are also dropped.


The final Cemetery Shade is found in the Caelid area to the east of Limgrave. This area is where things will start to get tough in the game, so keep an eye on the southern cliffside. Follow the southern cliffside and see the entrance to the catacombs next to a tree with a huge crow waiting to attack. For defeating the Cemetery Shade in this dungeon, you will get the Kindred of Rot Ashes.