With this Goro Majima mod, the Majima Everywhere System extends into Sifu

With this Goro Majima mod, the Majima Everywhere System extends into Sifu ...

In the kung fu action brawler, a new mod by TheMedineer allows you to play as Yakuza fan-favorite Goro Majima since its launch earlier this year.

This one simply replaces the main characters model with Majimas, complete with the Mad Dogs'' iconic snakeskin jacket. However, if you want to fight Majima, then you may also swap the first boss, Fajar, with the Majimas model. This might even result in greater grief than the typical Majima Everywhere encounter.

Another Majima mod was created in February shortly following the games'' launch, but based on feedback from the NexusMods community, it appears like the mod would often cause players games to crash. In the new mods description, TheMedineer stated that their desire to make a new Majima mod was due to the other mods'' tendency to crash the game.

In the three months since the game''s launch, the games modding scene hasn''t just been limited to model swaps. In fact, there are numerous mods that add new fighting styles and moves to the game. CorvoCorvus45 previously made a mod that added the Rush fighting style seen in Yakuza 0.

If you want to roleplay as a character in the Sloclaps tough-as-nails action game, there are also moveset modes based on fighting styles seen in Netflixs Daredevil, Sleeping Dogs, and even Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Sifu has received a major upgrade for the game itself, which now has three difficulty levels, allowing players to make the game as simple or as challenging as they desire. The game will also receive a few additional updates throughout the year, including gameplay modifications and new outfits.