In Elden Ring, where can he find all of the Crystalian bosses?

In Elden Ring, where can he find all of the Crystalian bosses? ...

The Crystalian bosses are a lot of fun to deal with, but they can be difficult to wear down and get a visceral attack when they go down. There are also a few Crystalian bosses available to you. Here''s how to get started with this technique.

Lucaria (north)

The first Crystalian boss you may encounter is in Liurnia''s northern part. After reaching the lake area, head north and see the cliff face on the other side of Raya Lucaria Academy. Here, you will find the Smithing-Stone Miners Bell Bearing (1).

Lucaria (center)

The Academy Crystal Tunnel, which sits on the western side of Raya Lucaria Academy near where the dragon is sitting, is a multibillion dollar tunnel that requires two Stonesword Keys to be easily accessible. Beating this boss will get you the Crystal Release sorcery.


On Caelid''s eastern side, a graveyard is discovered. Locate the huge grave with the magic-wielding enemy facing it. Attack the cliff face behind the grave to reveal the Sellia Hideaway. Deep within this cave, you will face off against a trio of Putrid Crystalians who can apply Scarlet Rot to your character. Defeating this boss will give you the Crystal Torrent sorcery.

Altus Plateau

The Altus Tunnel is located in the center area of the plateau. Once there, head inside the tunnel and find the boss. This Crystalian boss fight is another duo fight against a Crystalian with a spear and one with a ringblade. The Somberstone Miners Bell Bearing (2) is also available.