Season 6 of The Good Doctor will feature some behind-the-scenes changes

Season 6 of The Good Doctor will feature some behind-the-scenes changes ...

We know that there will be still one episode to discuss here in season 5, but why not begin to look ahead toThe Good Doctorseason 6?

According to a new analysis from Deadline, you will see one significant shift behind the scenes. While David Shore is not departing the series as showrunner, he will get some additional help. Liz Friedman, a long-time executive producer, has been promoted to co-showrunner for the upcoming season, which actually recorded its first two episodes before ending a hiatus for the summer.

Here is what Shore had to say about the subject in a statement:

I have worked with, shared my duties with Liz, and depended on her for years. I am looking forward to seeing all of the great things she will do with the show.

Among the changes, Friedman has added the following items:

David has been a mentor, friend, and defining influence on my career. While my arc could satisfyingly conclude with me turning to the Dark Side and impaling him on my lightsaber, banding together over our shared admiration of good stories and The Good Doctor sawmed less twisted and more rewarding (thank you, Sony!).

It is relatively common that there be a lot of showrunner changes for series that last for a long time. It''s important to remember that Shore has had a heavy load in the years betweenHouse, the short-livedBattle Creek, and the Freddie Highmore series. It''s a good idea to be someone else at this point to assist him in the transition.

Remember that the good Doctorseason 5 finale is expected to air on ABC Monday night. We encourage you to get some more information here.

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