Season 9 spoilers for The Blacklist: What is Marvins' next move?

Season 9 spoilers for The Blacklist: What is Marvins' next move? ...

After tonight''s super-intense episode, were SO curious about episode 21 ofThe Blacklistlist. How can we not be? Were there so many major issues to ourselves, and the writers have to keep an eye on the next big conflict.

We have none other than Raymond Reddington, a lawyer-turned-adversary Marvin Gerard. Like with Mr. Kaplan, this is someone who knows where all the bodies are found. Hes given his whole life to protect Reddington and build up this empire. Yet, Marvin also does not want to die, and he will do everything he can to ensure that he is protected no matter what.

If you want to see our latest take on what we saw tonight on the show, check out this video below. We suggest that you also follow Matt & Jess on YouTube, but there are also other videos coming all season long.

So what will Marvins'' next move be? Presumably, he will let Mierce go once more. From there, the ball is in his court: Do he be proactive or proactive? He might attempt to go in hiding and hope that nobody ever finds him, but doing that would probably sacrifice much of his future. Even if the situation fails, it''s unlikely that Reddington will come for him.

Note that if Reddington goes more on the offensive, then the only way to stop him is to stop him. There is no other clear path, and no other way to imagine things becoming easier for him. This episode, by Marvin Gerard, proves to be fascinating and dramatic as it feels like it can be on the surface.