Adam Ruzek is okay in the Chicago PD season 9 episode 21 promo?

Adam Ruzek is okay in the Chicago PD season 9 episode 21 promo? ...

Episode 21 of Chicago''s PDseason 9 is the second-to-last episode of the season, and there''s more evidence to show how chaotic it will be.

In the video below, you can get a peek at House of Cards, a story that resembles Javier Escano for a number of reasons. However, we know that Voight and Intelligence are attempting to take the case down, and why wouldn''t they be? Were talking about a severe threat and someone who is still causing carnage through the city. Hes got Anna undercover as an informant but is she starting to fall apart?

The truth is that if someone spends months in such a precarious situation, they are likely to fall apart. This seems to be part of what is happening here. We had the impression that Anna would start to break more and more, and that anyone in Intelligence might be in jeopardy.

Then, there''s the explosion at the end of the promo. Is Ruzek in jeopardy here? At this point, it appears that he was one of the people in danger, but was going to do our best to not put a lot of money into the video. At this point, these videos are believed to be misleading and to trick us wherever they can. However, you may argue that this might be the point. Perhaps they want us to live emotionally devastate us on an extreme level.