Season 19 of NCIS episode 20 video: All or Nothing Sneakers

Season 19 of NCIS episode 20 video: All or Nothing Sneakers ...

After a brief hiatus on Monday, NCISseason 19 episode 20 will arrive; want to get a better look at All or Nothing now?

Weve had a clue for a while how all of the individual themes in this episode were going to come together, and now, we have a better sense of courtesy of the sneak peeks below. These give you a fair understanding of how Jimmy Palmer and Jessica Knight end up traveling together on an organ transfer with a pretty unexpected turn.

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Lets begin by looking at the case itself. Why is a dead Navy reservist traveling around with a slot machine? This is a bizarre mystery, and it may take a bit of time to figure out. When you have something that looks like either a gambling ring or smuggling, its not difficult to imagine why they might be a target.

Given that Jimmy and Jessica are both present at this crime scene, it''s a little odd to find them later on their own right? Well, the sneak peeks at the bottom of this article indicate better what''s going on there. Namely, that Jimmy is attempting to move organs as a means to do good for the community and those who need them. With that in mind, he is very concerned. This is why Agent Knight is volunteered to go with them.

What happens when these two ends up participating in a high-stakes shootout? Well, there are a lot of questions, and it''s a good thing the protagonist of Katrina Laws is capable of protecting him.