Chrissy Metz on this season 6 episode: "This Is Us."

Chrissy Metz on this season 6 episode: "This Is Us." ...

This episode 17 of Usseason 6 of The First Is Usseason, and it may be the most emotional one of the entire run for those who do not know it.

This is the episode where Rebecca likely dies. It might be thought of as the probable series finale, or at least it might if there was not a further episode after the fact. This episode, however, is a reflection of the destruction, and the series finale may be the hope and inspiration that begins.

As soon as you see our preview, please take a look at it below. This is the show''s original trailer, which is now available for download. There are also additional updates coming up.

Chrissy Metz 100% explains in a new interview with People Magazine that the next episode may gain you a little bit of sleep, not that this should be a great surprise to anyone out there:

I believe it is one of the most spectacular episodes of any television show that anybody will ever watch, especially culminating six years of this beautiful journey Im feeling more ecstatic about it.

If that isn''t a statement to help you relax or worry, what will? We believe this episode isn''t meant to sooth you out, but rather more show your gratitude for those in your life. Rebecca had a massive impact on the Big Three and so many others, and thats why they all want to make sure that she was treated correctly in her final days. We believe the title may be a reference to the train of people who visit her in order to say goodbye.

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