Season 6 of Better Call Saul: Jimmy Needs aide

Season 6 of Better Call Saul: Jimmy Needs aide ...

Jimmy McGill is far from done sabotaging Howard Hamlin in the sixth episode ofBetter Call Saulseason, though he may have been beaten up in the ring, but the metaphorical match is far from over.

In a sneak peek below, you can see Bob Odenkirks'' character using a newly-hired Francesca to assist him with one of his recent shady dreams: getting in on a call about Sandpiper, an assisted-living company that HHM has been working with. It is this money that Jimmy and Kim are courting, and they want to be involved in just about every situation.

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With all of this in mind, it makes sense that the two would find a way to make sure they are aware of everything they said on the call. Francesca pretends to be one of the residents out of Amarillo, and it seems like she will get all of the information they need. In a way, it is easy to feel sorry for Francesca, as she gets forced into something she is not 100% comfortable with. She has agreed to take the job knowing Jimmy''s terrible history, and she may have gone away

The longer Jimmy continues to practice as Saul, the greater down the rabbit hole everyone close to him will become. We already know how it ends for him, and Francesca is now packing things away in a flash-forward. Things will become complicated, and for some characters, the world may come to crashing down.

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