Delilah seeks out help in the sequel to Season 2 of The Equalizer

Delilah seeks out help in the sequel to Season 2 of The Equalizer ...

Tomorrow night, you''ll see the Equalizer Season 2 finale on CBS, and this one will be dramatic, complicated, and above all else exciting! After all, different parts of Robyn McCalls'' life are going to come together in a way they havent previously, and who knows how they will be performing it?

The one thing we can at least do to better set the stage here is get a sneak peek below, where Delilah meets up with Detective Dante and requests his assistance. She has a friend who is currently experiencing a difficult time, but it''s a problem because there aren''t a lot of other people she wants to be involved. However, coming forward to the police might assist her with justice, but there are also other aspects to it.

Dante gives Delilah the contact information for the Equalizer, which, therefore, we know is marvellously ironic given that it''s her own mother. This storyline may link up in several fascinating ways! We know that Robyn will be busy in this episode trying to get justice in the wake of Bishops'' death, but we do think that he may shed the time for assisting a part of her own family.

Given that we have already had two more seasons on CBS right now, it''s nice to know that there''s nothing to worry about when it comes to the long-term future here. Lets sit back and prepare for the story as we have it for now, shall we? There may be surprises that you can''t imagine.

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