Nicks dinner party in Greys Anatomy Season 18 episode 18 promo

Nicks dinner party in Greys Anatomy Season 18 episode 18 promo ...

On episode 18 of Greys Anatomy, there are a few serious things to be aware of.

The promo below for this episode of Stronger Than Hate puts a lot of pressure on one Nick Marsh, but it''s not because of his own difficult task. Instead, it because he is confronting another enormous challenge: attempting to impress Meredith Greys family and friends at the same time. Think along with Maggie, Winston, Link, Bailey, and a slew of kids all at once. Because of that, they will pepper him with a TON of questions. Go ahead and consider a big part

Do we think it might be nice to do some testing with flying colors? Sure, with the operative word here being some. It''s likely that there will be a lot of tough questions and conversations but thats all for sure. If you are Dr. Marsh, you really shouldn''t be offended by it at all. They are all individuals who are fiercely protective and with that, they''ll do everything they can to ensure that he is the right person for him.

Meredith is well-known in terms of designing this for herself, but was sure that she will also vocalize this to her friends at some point throughout the entire story. Instead, it is a collection of lighter moments to help us prepare for something devastating and/or heart stop that might happen at the end of the season. What you think they will do right now?