Season 9 of The Blacklist has been confirmed, according to Marvin Gerard

Season 9 of The Blacklist has been confirmed, according to Marvin Gerard ...

This installment, called Marvin Gerard, has been named as a title, albeit with new entries. But it has been confirmed today for everyone who wanted further confirmation thatThe Blacklistseason 9 episode 21 will be a bit of a duo.

What should we prepare for? Think about a showdown like no other but only the beginning of it. Remember here that things will pay off even more in the second part, which will air on Friday, May 27.

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Marvin is already on the Blacklist as a result of this episode being a conclusion. This means the #2 spot is still on the list for something next season. We wonder if originally, that spot was going to be Neville Townsend, but we don''t believe it to be assigned a number now that he is dead.

Despite the jet''s rage, Reddington and his lawyer will be meeting again face to face again. This time, we wondered if Marvin would just take off knowing that Raymond was about to kill him, but clearly, hes not. He believes that he has leverage now to run the empire, and that he has some people on his side. He has already done a rare think in outfoxing Reddington once, and he may do so once.

All of this is a risky endeavor. We think Reddington will die this season due to severe consequences! It might very well be that its about to be curtains for Marvin at the end of all this.

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