Pete Davidson returns for the fourth season of The Rookie!

Pete Davidson returns for the fourth season of The Rookie! ...

Although we can''t confirm that Pete Davidson will be back onSNL this weekend, at least he''s featured in the Rookieseason 4 finale!

This weekend episode, featuring Pete (John Nolans half-brother) turning up in a pretty odd spot on the side of the road, is shown in the video below. After Pete first sees the cops turning up, he starts to run but thats before he realizes who it is.

Is Davidson in charge of the finale? Perhaps not. This is a fairly straightforward comeo. Pete and Nathan Fillion have a great relationship and have worked together in the past, although they may help to live up the situation in the near future. In this episode, nolan is able to help with training someone in need there, but he may be able to do so for a while. It''s also possible that a character like him is capable of dealing it.

Elsewhere in this finale, it is our hope that the stories of Chen and Bradford will be significant improvement, given that they have been on a long journey towards becoming something bigger for a while now. Is it possible that we see them get there? We hope so, especially since it would open the door for a lot of other things in season 5. (We already know another season is coming, so you will no longer have to worry about that.)

Get ready for Pete Davidson''s return on Sunday''s #TheRookie season finale!

The Rookie (@therookie) may 13, 2022.