NCIS: Season 13 finale photo: What better time to go?

NCIS: Season 13 finale photo: What better time to go? ...

NCIS: The Los Angeles Season 13 finale will air on CBS a week from tomorrow, and is there a break in the drama that starts with it?

The rest of the series have gone through a lot for the past few months. Both Kensi and Deeks have struggled with the aggressive adoption process, Callen has been haunted by both Katya and the deep-fakes, and Sam has been forced to make difficult decisions in terms of his father. It feels like we deserve an opportunity to get a little relief at the end of all of this, and the photo above suggests that this year!

Kensi and Anna have a great time at the beach, and weve found other photos indicating that Deeks, Sam, and Callen are all equally there. We have all felt that the writers had not known before the season''s finale or if this was the series, and that they might not have seen it on a cliffhanger!

Is it probable that all of the seasons will be fully wrapped up? We would not say that. While Hetty may have just found a certain natural end point for this season, and they may all just settle things out for a while. We know that Hetty will not be appearing for the remainder of this season, but that makes us feel that maybe the writers will prolong that portion until season 14.

Seeing his photo gives us a reason to smile; these people all deserve at least some escape from the chaos, right?