The Shadow Hearts Trademark has been renewed

The Shadow Hearts Trademark has been renewed ...

Many people who have never heard of the Shadow Hearts series will attend the PS1 level. With the sequel Shadow Hearts: Covenant getting a broadening fanbase, the first entry of the series has gained a cult following.

Unfortunately, the Shadow Hearts series has been largely inaccessible to new gamers and those who no longer own a PlayStation 2, as the PC hasn''t been ported or remade, but now a trademark has been filed for the series, indicating the possibility that gamers will have the opportunity to play it.

On April 27, Universal Entertainment filed a trademark for Shadow Hearts, which just recently went public. There hasn''t been a formal statement from Universal Entertainment regarding the origins of the new trademark. Nautilus, the original creator of the series, was eventually introduced by Universal Entertainment, and game development was shut down a few years after the release of the final series, Shadow Hearts: From the New World.

Universal had previously stated that it would not be required to reboot or remaking the franchise, but that anything would be possible. It''s now possible that Universal has filed for the trademark so that the series may be offered on the service, and gamers will have to wait and see once the PlayStation Plus service goes live to discover for sure.

It''s a huge success for the fans of Shadow Hearts, which has never been known of a repeat of the series. It''s a surprise, given that Shadow Hearts: Covenant, which is the second series, was a commercial success, and received great attention from players and critics alike.

The series, which originally started in the late 1800s to early 1900s, is based on an interesting historical fact and character structure, although it can be confusing to navigate the game''s dark edges. The whole series, however, saw the creation of the Judgment Ring system, which rewards players for the perfect timing of their attacks.

Many people are praised for Shadow Hearts in the early 2000s, and any sign of life from the publisher is likely to be welcomed news. With any luck, players will be able to revisit Yuri, Alice, Karin, and others for the first time.

The Shadow Hearts series is now available on PlayStation 2.