10 Great Anime As a Odd Taxi

10 Great Anime As a Odd Taxi ...

Odd Taxi was one of the best anime from the spring 2021 season, but was still underrated when it was first released. Fortunately, anime enthusiasts learned about the richness of the story and mystery in the incredible world directed by Baku Kinoshita.

With a movie now based on the series Odd Taxi: In the Woods, it''s no surprise that many people are looking for other anime that recalls this anthropomorphic mystery masterpiece. Thankfully, there are a few programs out there that can satisfy that desire.

10 Baccano!

Baccano! is a fantastic historical anime that spans several key eras. While revealing all of the elements to a puzzle that may be solved at the end of the show, the show promises a lot of action and comedy.

9 Catman

With its presentation, Odd Taxi had many experimental ideas, including a hidden radio show online that helped build up the series. Catman also tried to do many things different, showing its three-minute episodes almost like an old film reel. Each mini-story is self-contained, and there is no spoken dialogue in Japanese at all. Anyone who wants anthropomorphic animals and a unique style will enjoy the show.

8 Beastars

When Beastars was discovered, it was a serious mishap. This approach to the world''s predator and prey dynamics is far more nuanced, graphic, and even violent than anything Disney may ever imagine animating.

The show also has mystery elements like Odd Taxi, with Legoshi trying to figure out who recently devoured a student at the school he attends. It''s an absolute blast, and one of the best anime movies has ever been released.

7 Welcome to Irabu''''s Office

Without revealing the significance of both the Welcome to Irabu''s Office and Odd Taxi, this series should be fully immersive. One of the most significant parts of the latter is how far out there and different it is compared to anime viewers today. This show should be praised.

6 Boogiepop Phantom

Both shows have a murder mystery issue, with their stories conveyed from multiple angles. The biggest difference between the two shows is that Boogiepop Phantom delves far more into horror elements. This anime will savour the imagination of those who wish to see an urban legend born to life in the most terrifying way.

5 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

As well as an ongoing mystery that is "solved," Odd Taxi''s one of the most cool aspects was how many little details, even the anime''s music video, were built into the ongoing story of the show. The Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju features similar features in its own debut, and the story is uncovered in an unusual way, with the first season being a significant recall to the previous events.

4 Ping Pong the Animation

While the two shows do not appear to have any similarities on the surface, Ping Pong the Animation and Odd Taxi have a lot more in common than many know. Both shows have unique stylized animations and discuss profound emotional stories throughout the series. Both shows also develop the narrative of a wide variety of characters.

While the other is a niche sports anime, the other one is firmly more of a mystery, but both shows have similar content that fans will likely enjoy one if they liked the other.

3 Laughing Salesman

Laughing Salesman is a supernatural drama that was widely used in Japan but never touched on with other viewers when it was released back in the late 80s. Odd Taxi shows what happens when characters are consumed by wanting to achieve their dreams, often with terrible twists for those who take the deal of the sinister salesman who gives the show its name. Both shows aren''t what people typically expect from anime, and that difference in vibes is a reason they''re both so similar.

2 BNA: Brand New Animal

Anyone looking for a new episode with anthropomorphic animals and a major mystery will absolutely love Brand New Animal. Both shows involve their protagonists stumbling upon the criminal underbelly of the world, although BNA is much more focused on action than Odd Taxi does. It''s one of the best options out there for those who want a show similar to Odd Taxi to check out.

1 Sherlock Hound

In every episode, Sherlock Hound, led by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, features anthropomorphic animals solving mysteries! Although it sometimes lacks the larger stakes seen in Odd Taxi, the show still manages to deliver excellent stories. Plus, the entire series is available legally from the company for free on YouTube, making it extremely simple to see.